SeaGate Capital prides itself on offering our international clientele with the rare combination of diverse asset class product offerings and efficient order execution typically only found from the bigger brokerage companies. The key value added is our open architecture platform, which offers best execution, best product offering and flexibility to adapt to client needs.

Our fully integrated trading platform, The SeaGate Trader, offers access to all major markets and numerous global regional markets. Online portfolio management is aided by the simplified and organized presentation we provide our clients, including the management of multiple currency accounts.

Our customer focus leads us to deliver not only the right combination of products, prices and services, but also easy access, security, transparency and convenience for clients to take and execute their investment decisions.

Whether submitting your order in the most efficient way possible, providing prompt attention to your needs, or offering unique access to selected investment products and opportunities through our international investment banking relationships, SeaGate Capital’s investors are all priority clients.

Please note we do not open accounts for U.S. Persons or British Columbia, Canada residents


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