SeaGate Capital FAQ

1.)    Which markets does SeaGate provide access to?

Our Transaction Platform provides direct market access to the world’s major financial markets (including New York, London, Toronto, Frankfurt, etc.) and, from our trading desk, we offer access to over 40 global markets and all asset classes (stocks, bond, currencies, commodities, futures, options, among others) along with multicurrency capabilities.

2.) What is the ¨Panama Advantage¨ for opening an investment account with a Panamanian brokerage firm?

Panama, the hub of the Americas, provides numerous advantages including strong regulation balanced with investor friendly laws – a rare combination in the world today. Fiscal benefits, free repatriation of assets, discretion and confidentiality are among the advantages enjoyed by our clients under Panama’s legal framework.

3.)    How can I follow the performance of my investment account?

Our online platform provides 24/7 access to account information. We also provide monthly statements either online or via email.

4.)    Where are the securities maintained/custodied in my SeaGate account?

Our primary custodian of securities is based in Canada and is one of the largest custodians in the industry.

5.)    What is SeaGate’s policy regarding confidentiality of assets?

The relationship with SeaGate Capital is based on trust. We know that our clients expect the highest levels of service and discretion which is why we have strict policies regarding client private information.

6.)    What type of investments do you recommend to your clients?

We do not believe there is a ¨one-size fits all¨ investment approach. Each of our client portfolios are structured after taking into account the client’s goals, expectations, time-table and risk tolerance.

7.)    Please describe the Financial Planning Process.

SeaGate Capital’s Financial Planning Process is based on constant communication with clients in order to understand their profile, needs and expectations, in order to formulate and manage tailor-made solutions to each of our clients.

8.)    Are there costs associated with transferring my assets to my SeaGate account?

Generally, no.

9.)    What is your fee structure?

Please review our Commission and Fees Schedule.

10.)  Where can I review the Terms and Conditions of the Brokerage Account?

If you would like to read our Brokerage Account contract, please review SeaGate Capital Agreement Terms and Conditions.

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